Website presentation page developed to highlight the mobile app for sports field booking. The website was developed with a personalized and optimized design for mobile devices. It provides to the users information about how they can book an available field to practice different sports - tennis, football, badminton, squash, basketball, etc.. The app can also be used by the owners of the locations who want to promote their sport fields.

The website has various dynamic elements to improve the interaction with its visitors and highlights the Klickr brand. The mobile appl can be quickly download from the platform, both by users and by owners of the sports fields.

The presentation website is very useful because it promotes the company, while by using the app, the users can book a sport field. The app also provides valuable information to all those who want to use an innovative system to rent a certain location much easier when they want to go out and exercise individually or with a group of friends.

Technical specifications:

  1. Custom design, optimized for mobile devices
  2. Interactive effects for the sections on the platform
  3. Integrate social media buttons
  4. Newsletter subscription system
  5. GDPR module
  6. Integrate call-to-action buttons
  7. Install Chat system (tawkto)
  8. Contact form

General advantages:

  • Direct interaction with users and owners of sports fields
  • Multilingualism (Romanian / English)
  • Increasing public awareness and constant promotion of the Kickr app
  • User-friendly interface for content management
  • Quick download of the app directly from the site
  • Easy view of the provided services
  • Compatibility with different browsers


Ingreat Apps is a company that comes to the aid of sports enthusiasts with an ingenious app to book sports fields various activities. The presentation website has the role of increasing public awareness about the mobile app and to present to the users and owners of sports fields valuable information. At the same time, through the web platform and the app, the company facilitates interaction between service providers and customers in order to promote physical activity and sporting games

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