Landing Page for Mobile App presentation

Professional web solution designed to describe the iOS & Android mobile application for Ridesharing. This platform has a personalized design, which includes the visual identity of the LeoneGo brand.

The website contains a landing page that provides interested users - individual customers, corporate customers, and drivers who want to earn money through ridesharing services, all the information they need for using the application.

Within the platform, there is a possibility of setting up and creating an account for the driver that will be valid in the application. The website has ingenious effects and animations necessary to obtain an efficient interaction with user.

At the same time, call-to-action buttons are inserted for guiding users in the actions they want to take on the website. The platform has a dashboard for content management which makes easy the modification of texts and images. Also, the complete GDPR mode is integrated for keeping the users' agreements and their records.

The page is extremely useful because it promotes the company and LeoneGo application, which can be downloaded directly from the website, and offers valuable information that can quickly turn a user, depending on his needs, into a customer or driver. More than that, the website has a balanced structure and on-site SEO optimization for quality promotion and good visibility in search engines.

Technical specifications:

  1. A custom design that includes the visual identity of the LeoneGo brand
  2. The possibility of configuring and creating an account for driver directly from the website, valid also in the application
  3. Interactive/dynamic effects for all sections on the platform
  4. The possibility of downloading the application directly from the website
  5. Intuitive dashboard for content management - images, texts
  6. Complete GDPR module with keeping the agreements and their record
  7. Call-to-action buttons
  8. Interactive chat between users and operator

General advantages:

  • Responsive design, adaptable to mobile devices
  • Customer/driver contact form which can be used for getting more details
  • Social media buttons
  • Direct interaction with potential customers and drivers
  • Increasing notoriety and promoting the ridesharing application
  • Multilingualism
  • The possibility of easily transform a lead into a potential customer or driver


LeoneGo is a company operating on the local market, in the sector of authorized passenger transport, since 2000. It intends to align with modern standards and make mobility smarter by offering customers ridesharing services through the LeoneGo application.

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