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Android & iOS app specially developed to support people who are interested in sport activities. By using the app, you can book very easily and quickly a sport field, create a game or join an existing game.

If you want to exercise and relax, the app has the perfect solution for you! It provides the best nearby sports locations, helps the user to check the facilities, the program and to choose a field where to go and have fun.

The design was specially customized for this app. The app offers multilingualism support, detects the location of the user by using the phone's GPS system or validates the phone number via SMS. The users can manage their accounts and profiles through the system, they have also available the option to add a credit card or to block an amount of money until the transaction is validated or cancelled within the established time interval.

The search results are displayed to users depending on the type of sport or field chosen. The app also offers to its users the possibility to filter the received information, taking into account the location or the applied rules related to the promotion package chosen by those who own the sports field registered in the system. The app has a module for canceling the reservation within a specified time limit, displays the results on the map and provides to the visitor the location details by opening and transmitting the coordinates to Google Maps.

After booking a filed, the used has the possibility to share it with friends. If on the chosen field are taking place sport competitions, the users can open the competition page and register to take part in the competition. The system sends invoices automatically to the users, who will pay by credit card, and displays the transaction history in the account. Furthermore, the app sends push notifications regarding the status of the order, if it is accepted or rejected, and also a reminder to the user.

The app is perfect for all those who want to rent a field and go to relax with friends or join a group of people who share the same passion for a particular sport.

Technical specifications:

  1. Location detected by using GPS system
  2. Manage account and profile data: authentication data, basic data, profile picture
  3. Add credit card, implemented payment card processor
  4. Quick location booking by Wizzard
  5. Wizzard account / login via email and password or via Facebook
  6. Share your reservation via WhatsApp
  7. Integration GDPR module
  8. Automatic invoicing system and display of related invoices in the transaction history (link for viewing the invoice)

General advantages:

  1. Integration with Google Analytics for tracking events in the app
  2. Add to favorites, favorites list
  3. Push notifications regarding the status of the order, to accept or reject it
  4. Integration with Twilio
  5. The app provides to the visitor the location details by opening and transmitting the coordinates to Google Maps
  6. Display results on the map and pin touch details
  7. Multilingualism support
  8. Manual notification to a specific group
  9. Reminder for the user with 1h (with possibility of change) before the beginning
  10. Booking history, booking details


Ingreat Apps is a company that pays attention to the specific needs of all sports lovers. By developing this application, the organization wants to offer to its users the opportunity to check in real time the availability of sports fields near them and to facilitate their booking when they want to go out and practice sport.

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