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Software solution specially developed to support users who want to find detailed information about a particular company. The mobile app provides the access to a database through which can be analyzed the up-to-date situation of a company.

This mobile app can be used to verify an existing customer, identify a new business partner, monitor the evolution of the competition, search for additional details about a certain supplier, so you can start purchasing or check a potential employer.

The system was developed with a personalized design, the displayed information is dynamic for a better interaction with the user. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. You will have access to the mobile app by creating an account via email or login with Facebook / Google.

The system provides the possibility to download the free version of the app, with a set of minimum information on a limited period of time. However, the user will be advised to upgrade to the complete set of information for a fee or on a monthly subscription basis. In addition, the user will be rewarded with one month of free access to information for each newly brought client who downloads the paid version.

For now is available only the online payment via MobilPay. The application has a button for quick share, through which friends / contacts from the phonebook can be invited to use the system. Also, a customer notification / re-notification functionality is available for transmitting the requested information, including filtering the desired information and retrieving a corresponding message when re-entering the information request section where this has already been done.

For searching a company, can be used its name, fiscal code or county. The app is integrated with Google Maps for locating the address of the registered office. Moreover, with the “quick call” function included, the user can call directly from the system the phone number displayed for the company they are looking for.

This software solution was developed for professionals from any field of activity, entrepreneurs, employees or freelancers who want to find in a simple and easy way certain information about the all entities located in Romania. The app provides access to financial and legal information, risk assessment, industry, payment incidents, general or graphic data. The information is collected from several public sources, being aggregated into the app in a user-friendly way. The collected information has the role to facilitate a decision-making process or to eliminate possible risks of an organization.

Technical specifications:

  1. Custom design
  2. The displayed information is dynamic: Fields, graphs, slides, data
  3. Login solution via Facebook / e-mail
  4. Possibility to download the free version of the app, with a set of minimum information on a limited period of time
  5. Complete set of information if paid
  6. One free month for each new brought customer who downloads the paid version
  7. Possibility to pay via an online processor
  8. Search for companies by name, Company Registration Number or county
  9. Google Maps integration for locating the registered office of a company
  10. “Quick call” button included, to call the phone number of the company directly from the application

General advantages:

  • Provides to its users the opportunity to find detailed information about a particular company
  • Share – button, to invite friends / acquaintances to use the app (Android share icon, share by email, Facebook (private message or post), LinkedIN, Twitter, SMS)
  • Client notification / re-notification, for transmitting the requested information
  • Possibility to add the company to favorites
  • Search history is stored on the app
  • Possibility to select the currency for viewing financial information RON / EUR / USD
  • Quick check of the clients, suppliers, competitors or business partners
  • Minimize the risks that may occur in carrying out a commercial contract
  • Check the financial and legal information from the last 3 years of the local companies


KeysFin is one of the leading providers of business information solutions. The company provides essential data about Romanian companies and abroad through dedicated tools, with a portfolio of over 500 clients and more than 8 years of experience in the field. The organization provides users a mobile app that contains financial and legal information of approximately 4.2 million entities from the local market.

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