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A ridesharing app that brings new features to users and drivers.

It has a custom design, especially as it is a system that includes many types of transport on the same platform: ridesharing, airport transport, freight transport or family transport. People that use the mobile app have the possibility to register in the system by email and password or via Facebook. The validation of the phone number is done by SMS, and in the created account users have the possibility to manage their personal information, credit cards added, profile photo, but also to access the history of the rides taken or the refferal code.

Customers can also save an address as a favourite, and next time they would like to order a ride at that location, it will be easier. The system offers to the users total transparency by displaying a history of the orders with the route, final price, payment methods, invoice downloading and driver rating. As for the order, it is necessary to select the destination, which will be displayed to several drivers, and after 15 seconds from the moment the first driver has confirmed the pick-up, the application will choose the closest one among the drivers who have accepted the order.

Using an algorithm that takes into account the starting price, parking fee, cost per kilometre, minimum price per ride or night price, the system will estimate an approximate cost and duration of the ride. A customer has the possibility to pay for Family/Business rides, for example, orders can be paid for a number of other users invited to use the platform on their account. The application also offers the possibility of scheduling rides at a specific date and time.

The application also integrates a referral procedure that involves sending a recommendation to acquaintances. When a user creates an account using the referral code sent, both the user who sent the code and the user who created a new account will receive a voucher.

The driver app can be used by creating an account in which are uploaded the driver's documents (the driver attestation, the driving license, the registration certificate, the Identity Card, the insurance, the vignette, by specifying their expiration date), which will be validated by the dispatcher. The system will notify the drivers and the administrators when the documents are about to expire and the application will block the assignment of orders to the driver if the documents are not valid. The driver has the possibility to set his Available/Unavailable status in the application, to accept the order by selecting the button corresponding to the estimated time of arrival to the customer and to notify the user when he arrives at the destination.

Also, the driver will receive support for the assigned fees as the system allows the configuration of a fee that will be automatically collected at the end of the ride. In addition to these features, the application automatically penalizes drivers depending on the number of cancelled orders or the number of negative reviews they receive in a period of time, and will no longer assign rides for a customizable number of hours. In the case of freight transport, there are several order description fields that will be displayed to the drivers, so they can claim a freight transport knowing all the details about dimensions, kilograms or type of products. When the order is delivered, an automatically generated contract document can be downloaded from the order history with the introduced details, including information about the driver and the car used.

Technical specifications:

  1. Register/Login with Email and Facebook
  2. Phone number validation by SMS
  3. Customer account management, change and view photo, name, phone, e-mail, credit cards, ride history, refferal code
  4. Add addresses to favourites
  5. Order history with all details about final route, price, payment method, invoice download, driver's rating
  6. Automatic selection of the nearest driver among those who accepted the route
  7. Estimate the cost and duration of the ride before placing the order
  8. Real time chat between client-driver during the ride
  9. Multiple services: Standard, Select, VIP, Freight, Airport
  10. Automatic car classification system according to brand, model and year
  11. Order and invoice confirmation email generation, invoice issuing for completed rides
  12. Referral system
  13. Fields for order details (kilograms, dimensions, type of product) for freight shipments
  14. Automatically generated contract document for freight shipments

General advantages:

  • Custom design for customer and driver mobile application
  • Display nearby drivers on the map
  • Distance calculated with OpenStreetMap
  • Credit card registration in the application and payment via MobilPay processor
  • Payment system for groups of people in Family/Business mode
  • Possibility to schedule rides at a certain date and time. The system will automatically launch an order with a few minutes before the scheduled time and will notify the customer about the scheduling status.
  • Display pop-up new order over any driver app (Android)
  • Details such as order history, ride value with and without commission applied or rating received, for the driver app
  • Customer notification by the driver when he arrives at the destination


Jumbo Auto is a company that offers transport solutions perfectly tailored to customer requirements. Using modern technologies, the company manages to meet the specific needs of its customers, having as main goals in providing high quality, safety and high comfort services.

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