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Jarvis is here to revolutionize the way we manage our home service needs. With a wide range of functionalities, jarvis offers an unparalleled experience to users looking to request and schedule services for plumbing, electrical work, interior design, or cleaning services.

This innovative application brings trusted service providers directly to your fingertips, allowing you to get the help you need without stress and complications. Jarvis is not just an app; it's a reliable assistant for all your home service needs. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, the app provides you with all the tools necessary to request, schedule, and pay for the services you require, so you can get back to the more important aspects of your life.

Technical specifications:

For users:

  1. Quick account creation and authentication: with Jarvis, you can create a personalized account in seconds or log in using your facebook, google, or linkedin accounts.
  2. Customized requests: Jarvis will guide you step by step through a series of questions designed to collect all the necessary information about the service you desire. This flow ensures that you receive a personalized offer based on your needs.
  3. Preference selection: choose the time slot that suits you best for scheduling the service. Whether you need a standard or urgent intervention, jarvis provides you with the necessary options. Urgent requests are highlighted separately in the app for priority handling.
  4. Geolocation and multiple addresses: using the geolocation feature, the app will automatically retrieve your address from google maps, but you can also modify or add other addresses (home, office, etc. ).
  5. Image attachments: to make your needs more understandable, you can attach relevant photos to your request.
  6. Direct communication: facilitate real-time communication with operators through live chat. You can ask questions or get clarifications in real-time.
  7. Quotation and booking: your request is quickly taken up by an operator who will provide you with a personalized offer based on your requirements. You have the option to accept the offer and purchase the service directly from the app.

For service providers:

  1. Streamlined request management: for service providers, jarvis offers an efficient platform to view and accept new requests. Providers can also add additional services directly in the app.
  2. Request status updates: service providers can update the status of requests to reflect the service stage: accepted, in progress, completed, or not finished, with a mention of the reason.
  3. Scheduling and history: service providers have access to a chronological list of appointments and can quickly access all the details of previous requests.

General benefits:

  • Push notifications to keep you updated on the status of your requests.
  • Newsletter mode to stay informed about available offers and promotions.
  • Quick login with your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin accounts.
  • Offers flexibility and various payment options.


Through the Jarvis App, you have the opportunity to collaborate with reliable professionals who provide the highest quality services, allowing you to enjoy your leisure time. No longer do you need to worry about finding a trustworthy plumber or electrician at the last minute.

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