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Android & iOS mobile application was developed to facilitate collaboration between experts qualified in household chores and potential beneficiaries of these services.

By a simple choice of the desired activities and selecting the location, customers can easily get in touch with the providers near them. The system has a complex and carefully organized structure, with an interface available for the client and one for the provider. The first of them, dedicated to the beneficiary, allows logging in or creating an account with email and password or authentication through Facebook.

The account will be created at the first order. A preloader is included on the client interface, meaning a sequence of pages visible when the application is first downloaded, a suggestive picture, and explanatory text. The menu dedicated to the client contains five pages: Home, Offers, Schedules, Favorites, and Account.

The request for proposal process involves the following actions:

  • The customer completes the offer request for one or more services;
  • The inquiry will be automatically sent to all eligible providers, which offer those services, within a certain area, configurable at the service category level;
  • The request will be marked differently if the "Urgent" option was checked;
  • If there is no eligible provider in the application, the request will be highlighted in the dashboard, and an operator will try to identify a service provider outside the system. When it is found, he will be added to the platform and the request will be manually assigned. Otherwise, the message "No service provider was identified in your area" will be displayed to the client;
  • The provider to whom the inquiry is attributed completes a price for each service requested by the client and can even grant a discount;
  • The customer receives a push notification for each new offer received and can accept a partial or total offer from a single provider;
  • After accepting the offer, the customer will be able to view the full profile of the supplier, including his contact details. In turn, the provider will receive a push notification when his offer has been accepted and will be able to view the complete profile of the client;
  • The service provider gets in touch with the client to establish a firm appointment and will add the date and time of the appointment in the mobile application;
  • The system will send a reminder to both the client and the provider 1 day and then 2 hours before the appointment. Also, 3 days after the date of the appointment, they will receive a push notification and a pop-up will be displayed in the application in which they will be asked if the appointment was completed successfully. The interface for the provider can be accessed by logging in or creating an account with email and password, or through Facebook.

The menu for providers includes the following pages: Home, Requests, Map, Schedules, and Account. When registering, the user needs to select whether he is an individual or a company. Also, the location will be requested, depending on which the distance for its category of services will be calculated. The provider's account will be confirmed by the platform administrator, and its activation will be announced by sending a push notification.

The flow of adding services involves the following actions: •

  • Selecting the category/subcategory and the services provided;
  • Configuring the intervention area (depending on service category);
  • It's repeating the flow for adding other categories of services. The application is free for the customer, but the provider can use it by activating a standard or premium subscription. Perfect for any community, the system is well-designed, transparent, and complex. By simply creating an account, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to quickly analyze the providers and their previous works, negotiate and compare prices, and easily find true professionals. Client or provider, through this application everyone can choose who to work with, depending on their needs and preferences.

Technical specifications:

  1. Interface for the client and interface for the provider;
  2. Create an account with email and password, or log in through Facebook;
  3. Adding phone number with SMS validation;
  4. Category and subcategory pages for services;
  5. The possibility of activating 1-2 additional fields, depending on the type of service (e.g. for cleaning: area and number of bathrooms, for transport: pick-up and drop-off);
  6. A section for details where the user can add other information to receive relevant offers;
  7. Select desired time: single or multiple day selection, time selection, "Anytime" option;
  8. "Ask Nearby" button (Request the offer);
  9. Attaching the photo (open the camera or add a photo from the gallery);
  10. Choose the address with the option to save several addresses and name them differently (home, office, others). The user will be geolocated, and its address will be taken from Google Maps, with the possibility of changing the pin or filling in some additional sections;

  11. The possibility of the provider adding a discount for accepting all the services offered;
  12. "Send request" button;
  13. "Call" and "Navigation" options;
  14. A chronological listing of appointments made and quick access to related requests;
  15. Acquisition of GDPR agreements, terms, and conditions, and marketing information (for promotions).


  • Listing services available in the application (e.g.: cleaning, gardening, washing clothes, ironing, etc.);
  • Password recovery option;
  • The client's possibility to select one or more services;
  • Saving the added services when the user leaves the service page so that there is no need to restart the ordering process;
  • Reset request/cancel button;
  • Push notifications;;
  • Creating an account at the first order placed (for the customer) and at the first login in the application (for the provider);
  • Adding services provided: video tutorial for adding services, listing categories or subcategories of services defined in the application;
  • Subscription system for the provider;
  • Payment method available: cash/card.


Home Friends is a complex application that helps users find various professionals for domestic chores, right in their vicinity. Also, the system offers service providers the chance to present their offers to potential beneficiaries, regardless of whether it helps with moving furniture, gardening, cleaning services, washing, ironing, or other types of household activities..

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