Gunther Tore - Quote creation configurator for customers

This online configurator is the perfect solution for generating price offers to customers that are interested in garage doors, depending on the configurations they choose in the application.

The tool is easy to use, and with its help users have the possibility to combine the desired elements in an very simple way. Within the platform, potential customers can view the type of available door and the benefits that the product offers. Further, the configurator offers the possibility to select the preferred panel type (e.g. sandwich panel with horizontal stripes, sandwich panel with fine wavy lines, etc.), surface and desired finish.

After choosing these characteristics, the user is invited to insert the dimensions of the garage door needed and to select the folding mode. The configurator provides the user the option to choose manual or automatic opening, as well as to choose the type of pedestrian access (e.g. for example the garage door can be without pedestrian access, with the pedestrian door next to it or with the pedestrian door with standard or with wide doorstep). Once these elements are configured, the customer will further select a glazing method and, if necessary, additional mechanical accessories such as a locking system, masking panel, sealing covers for stripes, temperature and humidity sensor, remote control, security kit or many others.

At the end, the user receives a summary of the configuration chosen for the desired garage door, and in order to view the price offer, the user has to fill in a form with his/her contact details. The online application can also be used by the company's partners. In this case, a potential partner can create an account on the platform, view the offer and generate it in PDF format. The online configurator works without downloading, is free of charge and is the optimal solution for quick identification and customization of the desired product by the customer/partner.

Technical specifications:

  1. Selection of door type and display of the benefits according to the chosen product;
  2. Possibility to select features for the garage door configuration: panel type, finish, dimensions, folding, opening and glazing, type of pedestrian access;
  3. The option to choose additional electrical accessories (multiple selection);
  4. Summarizing the information with all selected details;
  5. Contact form for standard customers who want to view the offer and receive it by e-mail;
  6. Agreement to process personal data;
  7. Account creation/login option for partners.

General advantages:

  • View offer, generate PDF offer;
  • Access section dedicated to partners;
  • Account creation via email and password, password reset option for partners;
  • Option to send offer by email to the customer, with partner in CC;
  • Listing the offers allocated by the platform administrator, notification to partners with the number of newly allocated offers
  • Display list of generated offers, option for partner to add notes or assign status for later follow-up;


Gunther Tore has been active on the Romanian market since 1995 and offers high-performance solutions for logistics, industry and retail. The industrial and residential doors marketed by the company bring comfort to its users, safety, intelligent automatic locking systems, a healthy environment and excellent quality-price rates. Gunther Tore offers to its customers optimal solutions for their facilities and an online configurator through which they can choose and customize their desired products according to their specific needs.

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