Frizy – Beauty Salon Appointment Scheduling App for Android and iOS

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Innovative mobile app developed to give its users the opportunity to find quickly their favorite nearby beauty salon, even for a last minute appointment.

The mobile app was developed with user accounts system, through which they can manage the appointments, personal data and favorite beauty salons. Also, the geolocation function is implemented to show to the users the nearby beauty salons and guide to them via Google Maps or Waze apps.

The users will have the best experience using the app Frizy for Android & iOS, as it was also designed with a complex search function - Urgent Book, through which the results can be filtered based on criteria such as the city where the appointment is made, the beauty service, date and the desired time for scheduling.

Each beauty unit has a dedicated page where are described in detail the activity of the salon, the team, the agenda of the professionals, the services, the prices and the duration are displayed, as well as a photo gallery. The application gives the user total control over the appointments that he can cancel or postpone without too many explanations.

Moreover, after each completed appointment, clients can add an anonymous review for the salon, as well as a rating from 1 to 5. The user can create a history of the appointments, has the possibility to set specific salons as favorites and receive reninders when a new appointment is made or when it is canceled.



Technical specifications:

  1. User accounts system through which they can manage their appointments, personal data or favorite salons
  2. Automatically identifies the users’ location and displays the nearest beauty salons
  3. Complex “Urgent Book” search function, using only certain criteria
  4. A dedicated page for the beauty salon, with photo gallery, description, services presentation portfolio and its employees
  5. The possibility to cancel the appointment or to reschedule them
  6. Login on the App via Facebook, using the mobile phone
  7. The app finds all of the available beauty salons, depending on the city
  8. Appointment system for a specific beauty salon, all by filling the online form, select the date in the calendar and choose a time slot in the operators' calendar

General advantages

  • Book Online Appointments 24/72
  • Section for saving your favorite beauty salons
  • Appointments History
  • User remider with 12 and 4 hours before the appointment
  • Admin panel, special designed for the operators, through which they can manage more easily their appointments and clients
  • Anonymous reviews and ratings for beauty salons
  • Dynamic and Interactive Interfaces, which users find easy to use
  • Services efficiency and increase customer loyalty
  • Direct communication with users
  • Promotion and branding
  • Personal information safe and secure


Frizy was designed to meet clients’ expectations through modern and useful features for making appointments in beauty salons. Haircare, SPA, barbershop, nailcare or skincare, all these services can be easily booked through the App, at the desired salon, regardless of the area where the user is located.

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