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An intuitive web app designed with for sending orders to drivers when they must deliver food from different restaurants to customers.

This is based on a request allocation system according to the proximity of the restaurant that sends an order. Through this application, requests are displayed only to drivers who are at a distance of no more than 2 kilometers. But there is also the possibility to send an order to a certain driver without taking into account the distance restriction.

Advanced system functionalities allow transmission of orders by telephone number and keeping the history of previous requests. The application offers drivers a module through which is specified the order's value and type of delivery. Also, it offers a chat system between operator and driver, and an " I arrived" notification for the restaurant.

Navigation to the restaurant and then to the customer's address, after picking up the order from a restaurant, is done through Waze or Google Maps to benefit from high efficiency. The application integrates an operator map of all persons known they delivery food and with their location updated in real-time and the "free/busy" status.

This system provides reports from the order history depending on different attributes, such as restaurants, drivers, payment method or type of request. The application streamlines the activity of all drivers, deliverers, and couriers who want to work full or part-time in this field. People who want to enter the system have the opportunity to create a driver account in the application, and then receive validation from the administrator.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Order allocation system depending on the proximity of the driver to the restaurant
  2. Sending requests by phone number
  3. Keeping the history of previous orders
  4. Pickup module for a driver with the order value and the type of delivery
  5. Chat system between operator and drivers
  6. Real-time display on the map of the location of drivers and the free/busy status
  7. Sending orders for a particular driver without taking into account the distance restriction
  8. Extracting reports from the order history regarding restaurants, drivers, order type or a payment method


  1. Notifications for the restaurant when the driver arrives at the destination
  2. Account creation system for drivers and validation by the administrator
  3. Efficient communication in relation to the users
  4. Navigate to the restaurant and at the customer's location, through Waze or Google Maps
  5. Preventing errors and eliminating the risk of losing orders
  6. Automation of the delivery service
  7. Dynamic and interactive interface, easy to use
  8. Services efficiency and increasing customer loyalty


CDA Livrari is a 100% Romanian company active in the field of food delivery for restaurants. It offers services of all restaurants that need efficient solutions for order fulfillment. Currently, CDA Livrari collaborates with over 200 restaurants and is in continuous development to become a reliable partner of as many units that want maximum operability in the food delivery area.

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