Eutron – Website for presentation and administration company services

Website with fully customized design, was developed to present in a creative way the activity of a company that provides technological solutions to retail, finance-banking, health, production, public services, education or logistics companies.

The website highlights on the Home Page the service categories of the company through interactive videos, while the most important statistics of the organization are also displayed by using interactive elements. Specific details about the company since it was established until present can be viewed through an integrated timeline. For a much better communication with clients and users, on the presentation website can be accessed a section where are posted articles. The possibility to subscribe to the organization's newsletter is also available.

In order to improve the user experience on the platform and make the website navigation easier, the products which are ready to be sold are organized according to certain categories. At the same time, a career section was also implemented on the website, there being displayed the available positions within the company. The CVs can be uploaded and sent directly to the company by filling a simple form. The products and services provided by the company can be quickly searched on the platform and added to the wishlist, by using the available features in the menu bar.

Technical specifications:

  1. Presentation of service categories on Home Page through interactive videos
  2. Highlighting the most important figures of the company through interactive elements
  3. Timeline integration for presenting essential data about the company, since it was established until present
  4. Multilingualism
  5. A page specially developed on the website for the company’s products and services
  6. Detailed information about the company can be accessed through the submenu and tab navigation: case studies, details, contact form
  7. Presentation of products sold by the company according to certain categories of services
  8. Contact page with form
  9. Possibility to subscribe to the newsletter

General advantages:

  1. Responsive and custom design, with dynamic elements
  2. Page where are listed specific articles
  3. Integrated map on the contact page
  4. Integrated social media buttons
  5. Add products to the wishlist
  6. Web platform connected to the trends if the target audience
  7. Localize the service centers of the country on the map
  8. Direct interaction with potential customers
  9. Integrated button for getting in contact quickly with the company


Eutron is a Romanian company that has been providing customized technological solutions for over 25 years. The products and services of the organization are specially designed to help clients to exceed their business objectives. Eutron is available for the most important cities in Romania and has a network of 27 zonal service centers, in this way it is as close as possible to its more than 3,000 customers for whom were developed sustainable systems over time.

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