Electronic catalogue for school bookkeeping administration - Inspectorat Slobozia

The electronic catalogue was developed specifically to be implemented in pre-university education institutions.

It is a complete school management solution that increases the level of the educational system in Romania. This school administration application is a scoring, communication, organization, notification and information system. An intelligent online catalogue that can be configured according to the needs of each educational institution.

The educational platform allows administration according to counties, cities, towns, areas, sectors or educational units. Also, through this electronic catalogue, classes, subjects, teachers, students can be managed. The application offers the possibility to distribute students or subjects depending on their class. Such an online catalogue also manages parental information and the necessary data for notifications sent to them. In the system can be entered grades, absences, didactic materials, optional themes depending on each student. 

The notification module of this electronic catalogue informs parents, by e-mail or SMS, about the periodic evolution of the child. The application is ideal for planning and organizing the daily activity of an educational institution.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Administration of counties, cities, localities, areas, sectors
  2. Managing activity on educational units
  3. Student/class distribution, didactic materials/class distribution
  4. Fast introduction system for grades and absences
  5. Managing classes, subjects, teachers, students, parent data
  6. Emails / SMS notification system
  7. The application allows motivation of absences
  8. Aggregate report of absences/grades
  9. Authentication, possibly double authentication based on CNP/Registration No. and SMS on the parent's phone
  10. Generating reports with student grades or absences
  11. Student move option according to school and class
  12. Introduction into the system of optional subjects depending on the student

General Advantages:

  • Information management system of school activity
  • Intuitive and easy to use electronic catalogue
  • Automatic generation of school situations
  • Centralizing all school information on a single platform
  • Intuitive interface and unlimited storage space
  • Data security
  • Periodic monitoring of the child's school evolution
  • Viewing grades and absences
  • Estimation and prevention of critical situations
  • Fighting with absenteeism through permanent monitoring
  • An efficient communication way school-students-teachers-parents
  • Eliminating bureaucracy offers more time for teaching


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