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Ingenious mobile app for taxi orders that includes numerous modern features.

The App includes three distinct modules, the customer section, the driver app and the administration and dispatch panel. The registration in the system is done by creating an account using email and password or via Facebook. Customers who need taxi services can easily manage their account from the app, have the possibility to upload their profile picture and a credit card to pay for their rides.

The system includes the possibility of retaining the credit card, so payments can be made more easily after each ride. Within the app, customers have the ability to view their order history, the driver's trip map to the pick-up point and the trip map to the destination. Also available to customers is an ingenious order placement system, which takes the customer's current location or where they can enter their pick-up location and choose car options such as large trunk or air-conditioned car.

After placing the order, the customer will be notified about the chosen driver and will have displayed his details. In turn, drivers can easily manage their account in the app and set a profile photo. They have the possibility to activate in the system the Available / Unavailable status for taking orders, can manually enter the amount displayed on the billing machine in the case of card payments, have the option to initiate a phone call by pre-filling the customer's phone number and have navigation directly from the application, in addition to Waze or Google Maps options.

The order pick-up system is customisable, the driver having the option to refuse the ride, to estimate the number of minutes or to directly pick up the assigned order. Drivers can view the order in progress, with data such as driver location display, customer location, route, customer, phone call button, Waze/Google Maps navigation button, "I have arrived" button, customer pick-up button. The administration panel is interactive and shows graphs and statistics relevant to the taxi activity, such as the number of orders and their source, issues detected by the application, evolution of orders, customers or drivers.

A real-time map is also available, displaying the location and status of drivers, untaken orders, the structure of predefined areas and taxi stations. There is also the possibility to filter drivers on the map and send them notifications on their phone. The dispatch dashboard allows integration with the call centre and adding orders without using the mobile app for customers. It is possible to view the order status, send messages to the driver (push notification or SMS), enter orders received through the station or rerun an order without a driver. The dispatcher application includes the ability to search for an order, view the drivers who have applied to the order, the payment status and the route taken by the drivers during the order.

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation/login based on email and password or via Facebook;
  2. Credit card registration in the application and storage of data for payment of rides by the customer;
  3. MobilePay payment processor implementation;
  4. Order history: completed orders, starting point, ending point, amount paid;
  5. Map visualization of the route taken by the driver to the pick-up point and the drive to the destination points;
  6. Driver phone call button;
  7. Customer phone call button;
  8. Order placement system that takes the current location of the customer and offers the possibility to choose a car with a large trunk or with air conditioning;
  9. Drivers can activate the Available / Unavailable status in the application for taking orders;
  10. Navigation directly from the app available to drivers, in addition to Waze or Google Maps;
  11. Configurable order pickup system: direct assignment, display in a list of orders.

General advantages:

  • Interactive administration panel and dispatch for placing orders;
  • Quick alert on success or failure of a card payment;
  • Integration with call centre and adding orders from the administration panel;
  • Order history; the system stores orders received for an indefinite period of time;
  • Drivers administration: drivers visualization and search, current position display, account data, car data, documents uploaded, financial history, money history;
  • Complex control workflow monitoring system;
  • Support for varied rates per car;
  • Quick import of drivers, cars or tariffs via Excel file;
  • Push notifications;
  • Integration of GDPR Terms and Conditions;
  • Reports on financial, order or driver evolution.


Echotaxi is a taxi company operating on the Galati market. It was designed as a revolutionary solution that meets the needs of customers with high quality transport services, comfort, safety and modern taxi ordering options.

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