E-Concept: Online Beauty Store linked with Android & iOS Mobile App

E-Concept: Online cosmetics store with integrated Android & iOS Mobile App

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E-Concept through online store and mobile app offers users an essential direct and customized communication tool. This complete system provides a useful and necessary experience: customers purchase the desired beauty products, they get enrolled and participate in online video courses for specialization in the field of beauty.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface for ecommerce platform and mobile app ensures a pleasant and fluid navigation. Online beauty shop according to user requirements, integrated into the Facebook page to cover larger areas of target audience to increase customer numbers and maximize sales.

The online course application is ideal to meet all customers’ needs regarding specialization at distance in cosmetics. Effective interconnection of online store with mobile app for easy access to essential information, lead generation and current operational activities.

Tehnical Specifications:

  1. Dedicated and optimized page for each product and video lesson offered
  2. Personal account for data management and order tracking
  3. Easy search of desired product using filters based on price, category, name
  4. Checking ratings and reviews from other clients, prices and specifications provided by the seller, when purchasing the product
  5. Adding products to your favorites list
  6. Fast way to buy professional cosmetics and special dermo pigmentation products
  7. Mobile app with online courses for safe use and beauty specialization 
  8. Online beauty shop synchronized in real time with Android and iOS app for easy inventory management and maximizing sales
  9. The mobile app allows creating a direct and personalized communication strategy with users by sending push notifications to the target audience
  10. Responsive, personalized design for a customer-friendly interaction
  11. Secure and fast connection through Facebook or Google account

General Advantages​:

  • Direct interaction with potential client
  • Fast accessibility of the app on Google Play and App Store
  • Complete system easy to use for excellent brand visibility
  • User-friendly interface for adding, changing, or quickly deleting products
  • The strong connection between the online store and customers has the ability to create loyalty to the brand
  • Time efficiency through easy product management
  • General applicability, flexible solution for any activity
  • Secure connection and guaranteed confidentiality
  • By using mobile applications, is expanded the opportunity to sell products
  • Effective push notifications, low purchase time for customer, client loyalty

Econcept by Elena Copaceanu Academy represents a revolutionary vision in beauty. Professional and elegant combination between a clinic that offers complete beauty services, online beauty shop and an educational project dedicated to specialized cosmetic courses.

Innovative system that integrates complex and professional services for premium results in beauty. Through quality and extensive activities, Elena Copaceanu Academy defines a new standard in semi-permanent beauty services. Econcept promotes a modern and responsible trend through the perfect experience offered to customers.

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