Din Orasul Meu - Web platform for listing and promoting companies

Web platform with personalized design, developed for listing and promoting companies at national level. It offers the visitors the opportunity to quickly identify companies from different fields of activity and from various cities that offer customers discounts, promotions and discounts. The website was designed to facilitate the activity of those looking for the best prices for products or services from a specific area of the country.

It provides to its users a search module created specifically for the web platform, similar to the one from Pagini Aurii. The person who needs certain information only have to enter a keyword and the name of the city, and the results will be listed in just a few moments.

The website has also a section for companies, where users can find useful information about a particular company. Each company has a dedicated page with details such as name, code registration number, pictures, phone number, email address, etc. Also, the platform includes the promotional packet page of the companies, respectively the tabular display of the information that will be displayed based on each package.

On the administration panel can be find the option to display or not the respective information on the site. The settings can be made manually, but there is also the possibility to be created rules for each package, and when it is selected to display automatically only the desired fields.

The web platform has various informative pages, such as the GDPR policy, the cookies policy, the frequently asked questions, terms and conditions of use or partners. The website is easy to manage, allows easy content management (text, video and images) and has a good indexing in Google.

Technical specifications:

  1. Homepage custom design: search mode, listing packages for companies, banners
  2. Search results list page by keyword and location
  3. Presentation page for each company
  4. System for downloading reviews from Google My Business and displaying it on the company page
  5. Install chat mode to take requests and communicate in real time with customers
  6. Call button - for the mobile version of the website
  7. Social media integrate buttons (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  8. Multilingualism system (RO / EN)
  9. Contact form with GDPR customer agreement takeover
  10. Newsletter subscription system

General advantages:

  • Implementation and design optimization for mobile devices (responsive design)
  • Information search system on the site
  • User-friendly administration panel
  • Possibility to recommend or register a company from a certain city
  • Easy viewing of offers and promotions
  • Constant promotion of companies listed on the site
  • Facilitating the interaction between traders and customers
  • Integrate the map in the profile page of each company for its quick identification


Quickleaf Media is a Romanian company that provides to the users an innovative platform, where they can find the best prices for various products and services. The profiles of the companies from different fields of activity are listed within the site and contain updated and verified information about each company.

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