Developing a Book trailers Website - Cultural Project 'CLIPLIT'

A website dedicated to book trailer listings and creative promotional activities of contemporary Romanian literature.

The platform provides users with a system of accounts. They have the ability to communicate within the community through a smart chat system. The ingenious website benefits from an efficient dashboard for easy editing of the entire content. After loading a book trailer on the web platform, it will be validated by the administrator and then displayed on the site. The book trailer is an attractive way to promote written culture through video display of books.

The platform promotes a new way of reading to meet the challenges and the current cultural consumption needs of young people. The web application benefits from a voting system and competition between book trailers. This is how awards contests are conducted to identify the creative potential of users and to create new cultural products.

Developed with great responsibility, this book trailer website also integrates a collection of educational resources that will be permanently complemented with materials proposed by the CLIPLIT community. The website is synchronized with the IziLit mobile application designed for the same beneficiary - the Brasov County Library.

Technical Specifications:

  1. User account system based on email and password
  2. Video integration in all sections
  3. Responsive design optimized for mobile devices
  4. Display book trailer on the website after the validation of administrator
  5. Chat system for effective communication within the website
  6. Complex dashboard for easy content editing
  7. API integration books from the IziLit mobile application
  8. Multilingual content
  9. Interactive effects for design elements
  10. Voting system book trailers

General Advantages:

  • Users can download PDF resources 
  • Promoting contemporary Romanian literature among young people
  • The ability to distribute a book trailer directly to social networks
  • Developing a community of literature lovers
  • Facilitating the direct communication between platform users and Romanian authors
  • Transmitting newsletters
  • Integrated chat system tawk.to
  • Active involvement of young people in the discovery and promotion of Romanian authors
  • Organizing and structuring carefully of information


The "George Baritiu" Brasov County Library actively promotes Romanian contemporary literature. After developing the IziLit application, which sends daily reading recommendations, the XFactorApp team has developed for this client the CLIPLIT book trailer. The library tries to combine cinema, literature and IT with the new web platform to increase the cultural consumption of young people and capitalize on their creative potential .

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