Clinica 32 - Presentation website for dental services

Website with personalized design specially developed for presenting the dental services of a medical clinic. The platform highlights the most important aspects in this field through specific widgets inserted on the home page. The users who access the site have the opportunity to schedule a dental consultation, by filling in the online form.

On this web app was created a chat system, where the users can can find out more information regarding the activity of the clinic. Also, the services and prices can be easily accessed on the tabular form. On the home page you will find a collage with videos where is presented the clinic, as well as a detailed presentation of the entire team with images, description, contact details and specialization.

Also, for this web platform were created promotional landing pages, connected to different areas of the website. At the same time, the platform provides to the people who access the site the possibility to download the clinic magazine.

Technical specifications:

  1. Implement custom design
  2. Mobile payment processor integration for paying the prices of the needed offer
  3. Design optimization for mobile devices (tablet and mobile phones)
  4. Specific widgets on the home page for presenting the clinic
  5. Contact form, with the possibility of scheduling a consultation
  6. Creating promotional landing pages and connecting them with different areas on the website
  7. Collage with videos presenting the clinic on the home page
  8. Detailed presentation of the entire team with images, description, contact details, specialization
  9. Newsletter subscription system
  10. Dynamic elements for better interaction with users

General advantages:

  • Custom design
  • Integrate Social media buttons
  • Chat system (tawkto)
  • Tabular presentation of information on services and rates
  • Possibility to download the clinic magazine from the patform
  • Map integrated on the contact page for quick check of the clinics
  • Button for quick appointments
  • Constant promotion of medical services
  • Excellent visibility of the dental clinic on the online enviro


Clinic 32 has been building a unique experience in Romanian dentistry field since 2005. In addition to innovation, modern technologies and digital dental treatments, the entire team treat their patients with respect and specialized advices. Clinic 32 approaches each treatment through interventions at the highest level of performance, treatments with a multidisciplinary approach, premium raw materials and reduced appoinments to the dentist, taking care of the dental health of those who want a quality life with quality smile.

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