Catering Web platform for online orders dedicated to Institutions

Customized platform developed for a catering company that delivers food on a daily basis to various companies and institutions - offices, kindergartens, hospitals, schools, maternity hospitals, after schools, but also to conferences, private events or corporate events.

The operator of the institution has the possibility to create an account on the platform, by typing the email and password and then Sign In. After the account has been created, the operator will order easily what he needs. The system also offers the possibility to import products by categories or filters, an excel file with the type of menu. In this way, the orders will be easily processed.

The interface for institutions is same as an online store, with the possibility to easily access the data from your own account, use a shopping cart, checkout and complete the order. In the dashboard are managed the all requests and are then sent to the administrators' email.

Moreover, on the platform can also be generated documents accompanying the goods, per day, according to certain filters and criteria, such as patients, staff, time frame, institution or user. The system was designed with a personalized and responsive design, the orders being able to be placed and managed on the mobile phones as well.

Moreover, users have the possibility to select the desired food from the different types of products by an easy-to use wizard. Users will have on the screen only the products on which they are interested in, and the platform will also filter the products based on the searches done by the user within the system. At the same time, the platform can generate reports where are listed the orders according to certain periods or institutions.

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation by an admin for the operator of the institution
  2. Possibility to import products by categories, filters or menu type from an excel file
  3. The interface was designed for the institutions which operate as an online store
  4. The user has access to data from his own account, shopping cart, check-out and complete order
  5. Managing orders in the administration panel and sending them by email
  6. Placing and managing orders via mobile phones
  7. Integrated button for communication via WhatsApp
  8. Possibility to generate documents accompanying the goods, per day, depending on certain criteria

General advantages:

  • Customized platform for catering companies that deliver food to institutions
  • Custom design
  • Product preselection via wizard
  • Social media integration buttons
  • Order quickly the desired food
  • Possibility to select products from a menu
  • Improve the catering order process for institutions


YVY Catering is a company in Constanta, specialized on catering services. It operates both on the seaside town and its neighborhood areas such as Mamaia Nord, Lumina, Navodari, Cumpana, Agigea, Ovidiu, Eforie and Techirghiol. The company was developed to meet people's meal needs, meal that they serve at work or at an important event. YVY Catering provides impeccable services, delicious and fresh food, being a company recognized in the area for its promptness and wide variety of food.

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