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Android & iOS mobile application for delivering orders from supermarkets, allowing buyers to obtain all desired products quickly and easily.

Bee Delivery offers users the possibility to place orders from the comfort of their homes, with timely deliveries made directly to their doorstep. To use the application, customers can create an account based on a username and password or through Facebook and/or Google. After registration, they can set a profile picture, change their password, or add and save multiple addresses, with the option to provide additional information such as building, floor, apartment, intercom, etc.

The mobile application menu is intuitive and includes several specific sections, namely Home, Orders, Cart, Favorites, and My Account. Users have access to categories and subcategories of products, as well as search and product listing options. Detailed information is available at the item level, including photos, ingredients, weight, standard price, and discounted price.

The application also includes an Operator module for supermarkets, which can be accessed using a mobile phone or tablet, on Android/iOS. The store benefits from an audio alert for new orders and an "Orders" section for different actions: order acceptance, allocation of preparation-delivery time, order status, ordered products status, product modification/replacement, order cancellation (upon client's request).

Technical specifications:

  • Customization with branding logo color;
  • Supermarket photo gallery and description;
  • Create account with username and password or using Facebook and/or Google;
  • Password reset;
  • Application menu: Home, Orders, Cart, Favorites, My Account;
  • Product menu: categories, subcategories;
  • Supermarket contact details: address (with location navigation option), phone (with call option);
  • In-progress order: all order details and delivery time will be displayed, with the option to cancel;
  • Completed order: all order details will be displayed, the invoice can be downloaded (for card payment), and the "Order Again" option is available;
  • Delivery method (to address/pick up in person);
  • Operator mode for supermarkets.
  • Print order receipt on thermal printer, via Bluetooth connection.

General advantages:

  • Ability to offer various types of vouchers: monetary, percentage or free delivery;
  • Vouchers for new users
  • Adding/deleting products from Favorites, accessing the product page;
  • Listing products with the option to modify the quantity or remove products from the cart;
  • Multiple payment methods - Cash/POS/Card;
  • Saferpay payment processor integration;
  • Card retention for future transactions;
  • Limiting the shopping cart to a certain number of products and a certain weight;
  • Push notifications


Bee Delivery helps users with a modern application and offers them the ability to quickly obtain the products they need. Essentially, it does the shopping for its customers exactly as they would do it themselves and delivers it to their doorstep within an hour.

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