Banking Management Platform - Adwisers

Banking Management Platform - Adwisers

Web Application Presentation:

The "Adwisers" web application has as its main purpose managing and keeping records of bank files in their evaluation process, thus avoiding crowding of backend operators with analyzes that can be automated through this software. Also, the application centralizes all the information from the bank credit consulting company, providing access to a history of files evolution that can be monitored at any stage and in the smallest detail.

With a intuitive design and structure, the software has been taken up and assimilated very easily into the company's internal workflow, becoming an indispensable tool for operators.

General advantages:

  1.  Centralizing information in a single online platform that can be accessed with different levels of access to data;
  2.  Application only needs internet access to be functional;
  3.  User-friendly interface;
  4.  Constant monitoring of files, it can be accessed from any device;
  5.  Customized software for specific business needs;
  6.  Secure access system in administration panel.

Technical Specifications (modules):

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - managing files and orders;
  • Management of partner banks and examination teams;
  • The files are associated with a complex banking product rating system based on age, amount, maximum indebtedness, and many other attributes which the basis for are assessing the chances of obtaining a bank credit;
  • Evaluation module for activity of agents and their performance;
  • Complex administration of files and related clients;
  • Automatic assessment of banking products and correct distribution of cases falling under conditions imposed by them; prescoring avoid such request in case that files do not fit from the start;
  • Maintaining a relevant record of agent communication and document exchange;
  • Report mode with operator activity data and folder status.


Adwisers is one of the leading companies in financial consulting services market which has the main purpose to support clients in their efforts to access various resources they need.
Whether they are contracted by entrepreneurs or individuals, Adwisers are dedicated their work identifying the most advantageous solutions for obtaining and repaying bank credit.

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