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In a digitally connected world, Artful Living opens the door to a superior browsing experience through its mobile application of the same name. This application represents an innovation in the field of concierge services, providing a helpful personal assistant right in the palm of customers' hands. No matter where you are, Artful Living is your trusted partner in fulfilling your needs, offering everything in one place.

Regardless of your location, the app offers quick and easy access to top-notch concierge services and a dedicated personal assistant. Additionally, you have booking options for events and various services offered by partners. Artful Living is the key to making each day special.

Technical Specifications:

  • Authentication and Account Creation: It's easy to use and secure; you can create a personal account in just a few simple steps.
  • Concierge Services: The app redefines concierge services. Here, you can request everything you need to make your journey more comfortable and efficient, from reservations to local recommendations—everything is at your fingertips.
  • Concierge Chat: Communicate directly with concierge operators through chat, regardless of the time or location. Assistance is just a message away.
  • Personal Assistant Services: Artful Living provides top-notch assistance with operators who will handle your requests carefully and efficiently.
  • SOS Button: Safety is a priority. With the SOS button, you can send alerts and requests for help to all operators at your location in case of an emergency.
  • My Account: Manage personal details, view active bookings, and their history at any time.
  • Push Notifications: Stay informed with real-time push notifications, so you don't miss any opportunities or updates.
  • Payment Processor Integration: Payments for Artful Living services and our partners are quick and secure. You can manage your cards and payments with ease.
  • Automatic Billing: The system automatically generates invoices for requested services.
  • Membership Packages: Choose the package that best suits your goals from various options, select the right version, and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • Service Provider Address Addition: You can quickly and easily add service provider addresses, ensuring you get everything you need during your stay.
  • Events and Booking Module: The app connects you with the most interesting events and activities in the area. Buy tickets directly through the app.

General Advantages:

  1. Through Artful Living, you have access to the highest quality concierge and personal assistance services.
  2. Communication with our team is fast and efficient through the chat.
  3. The SOS button ensures a real-time, permanent method of alerting location staff.
  4. Your personal account allows you to manage everything with ease, from preferences to bookings.


Artful Living aims to provide locations with efficient tools for managing reservations and interactions with customers throughout their stay. It also offers a platform for listing useful services provided by various providers, thus providing a complete and rewarding experience for users.

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