Web & Mobile Application Merchandising and Hypermarket Monitoring - Sparbip / Ursus

Web & Mobile Application Merchandising and Hypermarket Monitoring - Sparbip / Ursus

Ingenious application through which can be monitored merchandisers activity, presentation mode, promoting and displaying Ursus products on the shelf.

An innovative solution for companies to streamline their marketing on the field to achieve the best results in the sales process. The app contains a list of stores owned by international retailers active in Romania such as Mega Image, Cora or Auchan, and their exact coordinates. Merchandisers make regular visits to merchants to ensure that products intended for consumers are displayed correctly on shelves, promoted efficiently and always in stock. This application provides easy access to all merchandising and sales data, and tools needed for doing correct business in the store.

An interesting feature is that agents on the field can be anytime localized and they can check-in based on proximity to the store. The application represents the ideal solution for you to be sure that the company's brand is visible and exposed in the best possible way at the sale's point. In the store, agents perform the inventory of company's products, shooting promotional materials and stands. All these collected data are structured so they can be filtered, searched and organized to provide real-time information.

Through this application, all data collection activities are done automatically and the company save time and money by eliminating unnecessary processes. The app ensures productive and efficient business management, communication and centralized situation for thousands of stores across the country.

Technical specifications:

  1. Mobile application for monitoring merchandiser agents and planning their daily activity
  2. Integrated list with the hypermarket network in Romania and exact coordinates of the shops
  3. Automation and streamline field marketing processes
  4. Agents localization and similar Facebook check-in
  5. Real time visibility through easily accessing and reporting on merchandising activities in the store, photos taken and identified issues
  6. Detailed reports about the product and its correct distribution in the store
  7. Confirmation, maximization and correct viewing of promotions
  8. Collecting data about competitors’ products

General Advantages​:

  • Assistance for stock optimization and prevention of out-of-stock / overstock periods
  • Managing large amounts of data and improving productivity
  • Simple way for interacting with customers
  • Improved control by eliminating human error
  • Improving communication with agents on the field
  • Centralizing useful product information in a single online platform
  • Managing and effectively monitoring all sales activities


Ursus Breweries is one of the largest beer producers in Romania. The company owns some of the most famous beer brands and enjoys the continuous appreciation of consumers.

Spar Bip is one of the biggest merchandising companies in our country. The agency offers merchandising services, logistic support and sales.

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