Android and iOS mobile application for medical history management

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The application was presented in the iLikeIT TV show.

Android & iOS mobile app, secure and optimized, through which medical data can be managed.

The system provides access to personal and medical information uploaded and accessed differently online in/from personal accounts and may be needed in certain crisis situations, such as medical emergencies, accidents, losses, etc. By using a support device, a bracelet with a QR code for identification, the application allows access to all data about the owner.

By using this application, users can create an account based on email and password or can log in via Facebook. Once the account is created, personal and medical details can be filled in, that is, some summary data that may be publicly visible in the event of an emergency, as well as detailed information that will be accessible to emergency medical staff or family doctors. The system also integrates an online store E-shop module, where you can buy bracelets, as well as packages and subscriptions associated with the user profile.

On the product page are available the types of products (categories) and details about them, like name, picture, description, sizes, and colors available for bracelets, and price. Users can select the size and color of the bracelet, but also the number of pieces and add them to favorites. Assignment of ordered products for the profiles in the application is made by defining a single possessor. When adding a new profile, a message will be displayed, "I declare that I have the person's consent for which I place the order to provide personal data for profile creation". When adding a new profile, the system will display a warning if the phone number has already been used.

The data entered when creating the profile is informative and can be edited by the user who created it. Regarding the profile settings, the user can choose to display the extended data for UPU/SMURD/Emergency doctors with access to the application. This is possible regardless of the doctor's location or only in certain selected cities. There is also a possibility of sharing information with the family doctor, to give him access to user's extended data.

Within the application, the essential medical information to be filled in is blood type, height, weight, existing conditions or if you are an organ donor (Yes / No). Filling out detailed medical data is optional and may include, but is not limited to, ID card series and number, chronic medical conditions, mental health information, medications, allergies, transfusions, anesthesia, and more.

This application is a real help for paramedical and medical staff from the health system, who need to know as detailed information as possible and as quickly as possible about the people to whom they provide medical care. In turn, users can ensure that they receive appropriate treatments and interventions, even in situations where they are unable to communicate.

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation system;
  2. E-shop module (online store);
  3. Listing product types (categories), dynamic QR;
  4. Shopping cart;
  5. Product page with details such as name, product description, photo (photo gallery), sizes and colors available for bracelets, price;
  6. Select the size and color of the bracelet, the number of pieces and the "Add to favorites" option of attributes;
  7. Product stock display (In stock/Pre-order) depending on the values selected by users for size and color;
  8. Assignment of products ordered by profiles, that is, regardless of the number of bracelets ordered, they will be assigned to a single profile;
  9. Product editing/deleting option;
  10. Option to select the payment method (refund/with the card in the application);
  11. Emergency contacts (one or more contacts), respectively contact person with name and surname, telephone;
  12. Subscription information: status, validity, renewal option;
  13. Reminder on email for renewing the subscription 2 days before the expiration;
  14. Push notifications;
  15. Interface for doctor to simply manage the patients;
  16. Interface for emergency doctors for adding interventions to the patient's personal medical history after scanning the bracelet.

General advantages:

  • Value discount for cart depending on the number of bracelets purchased or the number of subscriptions purchased;
  • Saving the delivery address in the application;
  • Automatic issuance of invoice for card payment and for proforma invoice if the user pays cash on delivery;
  • Accessing the profile for viewing and/or editing data, purchasing bracelets and subscriptions;
  • Sending an automatic email with order data;
  • "Lock bracelet" option and add reason: stolen, lost, damaged;
  • "Request new bracelet" option, which will redirect the user to the online store;
  • Sharing data with the family doctor;
  • Public information: when scanning the bracelet, public data will be displayed regardless of the person who performed the scan;
  • The possibility to complete extended medical information (allergies, medications, chronic diseases, transfusions, etc.);
  • Getting quickly a complete medical history;
  • Information and contacting relatives in case of emergency;
  • Uploading and efficient management of medical history.


Guardian Angel's mission is to provide security, health and wellness services and products to meet all of its customers' needs. Through continuous development of the products and services offered, the company wants to contribute for solving as many social and medical problems as possible of disadvantaged or vulnerable communities and groups.

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