Alba Delivery - Mobile aggregator application for restaurants
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    Alba Delivery
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Alba Delivery is an aggregator-type application for delivering products from listed restaurants. It assists users by offering access to a wide range of products, delivered straight to their door.

Upon logging in or creating an account, users can enjoy a personalized browsing experience across all sections of the application. The main page features a modern and intuitive design, while the application's menu allows quick access to relevant sections: home, orders, cart, favorites, profile, and restaurant page.

Regarding products, the Alba Delivery application allows users to navigate through categories and view details about products and choose their preferred variants. Each product has its own page, which includes a picture, name, ingredients, and price. Users can add their desired products to the cart and choose their preferred payment method: cash or card.

Alba Delivery application comes with a series of advanced features, including the Vouchers mode, which allows users to benefit from monetary discounts, percentage discounts, or free delivery. Vouchers can be at the application level or location level (restaurant) and can be offered to both new users and loyal customers.

To facilitate the delivery process, the application allows users to choose the delivery address based on the delivery radius of the respective restaurant. Users can track the status of their orders in real-time, having access to all order details and the delivery time.

Additionally, the Alba Delivery application comes with an interface for delivery operators, which allows the picking up and managing of orders directly from the application.

General functionalities:

  • Account creation and user login to order products and benefit from the application's advantages.
  • Navigation in the application's menu to access sections such as orders, shopping cart, favorites, profile, restaurant page.
  • Viewing the location/restaurant page, to learn more about the schedule, contact details, and delivery radius.
  • Selecting desired products from menus or product lists and adding them to the shopping cart.
  • Setting product variations or adding extra options to products to customize them.
  • Placing the order and choosing the payment method - cash or card, as well as viewing the order status and the allocated delivery time.

General advantages:

  • Comprehensive product page, with detailed information about products, prices, and additional options
  • Configurable and visible delivery radius, for easy selection of available restaurants in the area
  • Voucher mode that provides the possibility of granting and using monetary, percentage, or free delivery vouchers
  • Flexible payment options: including cash and card
  • The ability to see all the details of the ongoing order and download the invoice (for card payment)
  • Interface for direct operator within the application, for order pick-up
  • Administration panel for order management and reporting


Alba Delivery creates a service ecosystem for everyone involved in the product delivery process from restaurants. Customers can order food from a variety of restaurants with various functionalities that make online shopping easy and fast. Restaurants are offered a platform to showcase their products and take orders.

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