Ads Platform Renting Goods and Services – Rentiful

Ads Platform Renting Goods and Services – Rentiful

Rentiful represents a new and modern concept of sharing economy, a web platform through which goods and services are rented.

It offers a peer-to-peer market to better use the objects that people already own and do not want to sell. The main purpose of this ad website is to connect people who want to share resources. Rentiful is an ad application oriented towards a sustainable economy and not to a consumption-based one. The web platform is multifunctional and dynamically structured so that each user benefits from the advantages of renting goods and providing services. Each user can at the same time be a beneficiary and a provider. Through the website, Rentiful members create a secure community for common use of products and micro-jobs.

This complex property rental system eliminates the costs of the classic property regime. Also, the service rental process connects users directly to different tasks. Rentiful appreciates the collective and social benefits and promotes a more sustainable way of consumption. The advantages of the platform users are on all sides, both for the beneficiary and for the provider. By listing available items for renting and specifying certain services they can provide, users have the opportunity to earn money and protect the environment. At the same time, they can save important amounts by borrowing other items they need or hiring Rentiful community members to perform certain tasks.

Technical specifications:

  • Complex account system with reviews and trust items (badges, stars, ID cards)
  • Ads localization on the map
  • Account statistics on posted ads, active ads, completed transactions
  • Rewarding system (when 5 transactions are completed, that account receives a trust badge)
  • The possibility to manage ads, messages, transactions, and reviews
  • Messaging system between accounts
  • Moderation system of recently added ads
  • Listing by category of available items and services
  • Fast identification of desired products through a personalized search system
  • Email notifications to confirm posted items, product reservation, or ad validity

General advantages:

  1. Single Dashboard for managing all ads, reviews, and accounts
  2. Personalized design according to target trends
  3. Display ads based on user location
  4. Online security and privacy of personal data
  5. Creating a customized network for members registered on the platform
  6. A common use of physical and human resources
  7. Permanent access to goods and services
  8. Using the web platform as an additional revenue source
  9. An easy way to connect people​

Rentiful Concept:

The sharing economy is a socio-economic system based on the shared use of resources. Rentiful is the first Romanian platform of sharing economy and represents a modern vision to connect and empower people. This project promotes the distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services in common. Rentiful is an online market that streamlines the link between people, products and services, and ultimately results in the creation of a community that serves the common interests of individuals.​

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