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A complex presentation website for highlighting the digital financial system. The platform is completely customized, tailored to the specific needs of the customer. It has a responsive design, optimized for mobile devices. This website presents information about virtual coins, blockchain technology, the process of converting information, the right methods to ensure communication, information and money online. 

The web platform is built to manage easily the main sections of the website. It has an intuitive dashboard with which you can manage the menu, content, images, banners and homepage widgets. The real-time chat system allows users unlimited access to information and advice on the exploitation of blockchain technology.

Fully customized web design for creating a unique image in the online environment. This provides users with easy navigation and ensures a quick search for information. The contact page includes a request form and an interactive map. Also, the website has a blog section for articles and a module for moderate comments.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Switch language to display content in English and Romanian 
  2. Implementing a template design 
  3. Tawkto chat system 
  4. Blog section with articles included
  5. Contact Page with form and an integrated map
  6. Dashboard for managing content
  7. Homepage structured on widgets
  8. SEO optimization
  9. Integration with social networks

General Advantages:

  • Responsive design adaptable to mobile devices
  • Fluid content, customized according to business specificity
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Quick contact button integrated into the homepage
  • Fast upload and compatibility with all browsers
  • Organized and carefully structure information
  • Permanent promotion of the services offered
  • A professional image in the online environment


Uppcrypto is a company which constantly looking for excellence in order to streamline customers' business model to increase their profitability and performance. Uppcrypto provides complete IT solutions tailored to the specifics of each activity. Among the services offered by the company are digital consulting, blockchain solutions, start-up solutions, marketplace management, SEO optimization, web/mobile development, social media marketing or UI/UX design. 

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