Start-Up Nation Romania Program 2017: Latest details; conditions; registration

Start-Up Nation Romania Program 2017: Latest details; conditions; registration

Start-Up Nation Romania, initiated and managed by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Business Environment, is the program aimed at financing entrepreneurs who want to open a new business by granting non-reimbursable amounts from the Government.

Among the basic characteristics of the program, the most important aspect is the provision of financial aid up to 200,000 LEI, money which will reach about 10,000 entrepreneurs.

To qualify for these amounts, you obviously have to meet certain conditions:

  1. Among the most important conditions from the Government's perspective, it is found to have a job for at least two years. This is translated into engaging and supporting a person's salary as soon as the funds are accessed. Even if, at least theoretically, you do not need extra money, specialists and consultants recommend starting at least 8,000 - 10,000 put aside so that you are prepared to cover unforeseen situations.
  2. Another important condition is for your company to be established after January 30, 2017 and to have a well-established business plan prepared according to the model provided by the organizers.
  3. If you go through the first two conditions, what remains to be done is to choose a field of activity for your new business. Here too, there are some restrictions on the part of the Government, meaning that the list of CAEN codes in the Trade Register under which your business can be activated is limited. 

In short, as a synthesis of all of the above, for the Start-Up Nation Romania 2017 program, we are eligible:

  • LTD and LTDs.
  • Businesses that offer at least one job and keep it for two years after funding.
  • Startups that have a CAEN code that is eligible for Start Up Nation Romania funds.
  • Businesses that were set up after January 30, 2017.
  • Companies that have no debts to the consolidated or local budget.

When do I start signing up?

Initially, the start of the enrollment period was set sometime in May, but several aspects of clarification were needed before the time was all set.

Even though it has undergone a lot of changes since its concept phase, Start Up Nation Romania is approaching the launch, but what is certain and important is that there will be no further conditions for eligibility.

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