Software programming - from agony to ecstasy

Software programming - from agony to ecstasy

Where the agony and ecstasy appears when you programming, it should be the most natural question of many entrepreneurs.

ATTENTION is the most wanted MERCHANDISE on the planet !!!

Yes, because you can not take market share without a considerable share of attention.

What this actually means in terms of marketing strategy, reflected in the programming software?

First and most important is to understand what a proper setup of marketing is. So if we focus on the major convenience and not on aggressive selling, our customer will be concerned about what we sell, because they begin to understand what we're doing and especially at what level.

Only in this way we get rid of prices comparison, and customers will not ask us constantly about this matter.

So we can be very good but is for nothing if we do not give a chance to potential customers to understand and be convinced by our skills.

So when ecstasy comes?

Ecstasy is coming when we turn selling process in buying.

And that's why I bet on this team of specialists, because they always have the X FACTOR.

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