Soft for Promoting and Monitoring Real Estate Ads

IMODB, Soft for Promoting and Monitoring Real Estate Ads

Strong and flexible software solution that integrates a CRM web application, ads of private persons and a user interface.

Simple and effective method for monitoring the real estate market, automatic data consolidation and extensive options for performance reports.

Real estate CRM software used by agencies to outsource market monitoring. It works as a permanent system to streamline and organize the demands of real estate agents. Creativity and technology in a unique real estate portal focused exclusively on buyers and agents.

  • Ideal management tool for outsourcing administrative and market prospecting services
  • Connecting innovation with experience to detach from competition and increase sales in a dynamic and competitive field
  • Properly managing demand-supply interaction, analyzing data and improving service quality to meet the needs of the target audience

Tutorial - How to submit offers with real estate properties compatible with your buyers


Smart CRM

Virtual real estate assistant specially designed for integrated assistance and increasing the efficiency of modern brokerage

Electronic contract

Modern approach through replacement of the classic contract used by real estate agents with a confirmation email

Administrative support

A complete real estate ads database, centralized activity monitoring and client orientation

Advanced search

Quick property search system by using advanced filters and delimiting areas on the map

Powerful scan robot

System for takeover advertisements published on popular real estate portals

Custom offer

By gathering data on user interaction, the software helps agencies deliver customized services

Secure connection

The system guarantees security and the access to the desired content through secure connection and protection of confidential information

User-friendly interface

Customized design adaptable to mobile devices, organized information and carefully planned sections for effective navigation

Online marketing

Real estate portal providing relevant data which allow cost optimization and campaign monitoring


Custom scan

The Real Estate CRM application offers real-time results from multiple ad platforms that match the buyer's requirements. It sends requests to owners or real estate agents whose properties matches the defined criteria and generates activity reports for the submitted requests.

Transaction coordination

Managing real estate agency activity and coordinating transactions by working with other real estate agents to improve the efficiency of customer service.

Push notification

All-inclusive real estate portal, monitors the market according to the selected search criteria, and sends automatic email notifications, daily updates, reminders, individual marketing campaigns, professional reports and lists with ads proposed for clients.

Reliable solution

A fully and flexible real estate ads database tailored to each agency. Ensures automatic matching between supply and demand, real-time positioning on the real estate map, efficient real estate analysis and professional management.


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