PRICESCAN, Scan your competition

Software application for scanning and monitoring competitors' prices.

PRICESCAN  is the most accurate tool for manufacturers, distributors and online shop owners. It provides information on the prices offered by your competitors and suggest the most effective solutions. Basically, with this software you have a perspective on price competition.

How it works?​​

  • You can set with what online stores to compare.
  • The system will do the automated matching with the products on competing sites, or you can add your links manually;
  • You can analyze price trends of individual business partner, the stock market and position of the product. By integrating our systems through API, we can give you access to the scan results automatically so that you can update your online shop to the market price;

Use PRICESCAN today!

1. Contact us if you are manufacturer, dealer or online store owner.

2. Test the application. You have access to FREE DEMO account.

3. Increase your sales. Relax and see how PRICESCAN brings more profit.



Save time

The automatic process will do all the analysis for you and eliminate repetitive work.

Monitoring market price

Always sell profitably. One look on the reports and you will know your market position, what strategy to adopt and sell profitably;

Increased sales

Maximize your chances of selling by having a competitive price level;

Online Application

The software is online, you have no problems with servers, proxies and other technical difficulties;

Continue scanning

You can always see the price level, the stock market and the position of the product;


You can create alerts to be notified when the product position in the market change;


Control market prices

For distributors or online shops that want to have optimum prices;

Competitor Analysis

We use intelligent algorithms to monitor and analyze your competitors' prices;

Maximize Profits

Maximize profits from products sold in the online environment;

Price mark

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for all your questions:



How do we start working?

After signing the contract and the agreed down payment is done, the Project Manager will administrate the customer - company relationship transparently, across all phases of the project .



How do I monitor the work process?

Our internal tasks and data management application, XFactorApp, will allow you to access the platform where you will be able to view reports regarding your project status.



How long it takes the project to be completed?

The standard delivery period can be increased from 30 days to several months, depending on the complexity of the project.



What happens if you want additional functionalities?

Additional functionalities that were not included in the original estimate of the project will be charged separately based on a price per hour.