Online Social Media Platform - AdultDate18

Online Social Media Platform - AdultDate18

Online Platform Presentation:

The online platform "AdultDate18" is an online multi-domain application in which all information are managed by operators in one of multiple domains of administration.

These domains can be independently configured from the main site so that can fit on a target type by changing the language, design, exposed models, or pricing under a preferential system.

The main advantage of this platform consists primarily in centralizing all the information in the same application and managing the content in a different way depending on domain and location where the website is launched.

Technical specifications (modules):

  • Interactive (real-time) chat system between users and models;
  • Online payment module and credits purchasing with their subsequent targeting to chat system;
  • Complex notification system for users according to their set criteria;
  • "Favorites" mode for favorite models and user lock system;
  • Automatic interaction between users and models, with the possibility to transmit real-time images;
  • Affiliate system based on a link and a registration module;
  • Complex system for setting attributes and descriptions for models;
  • Advanced filtering system according to certain criteria and preferences;
  • Automatic operator bonus mode based on their performance and number of credits consumed;
  • Module for administering commissions to affiliates.


General Advantages:

  1. Centralizing information in a single online platform that can be accessed according to role and permission of that user;
  2. The application runs on any device with Internet access;
  3. User-friendly interface, easy to use by operators or administrators;
  4. Custom platform, so it can be further developed with any desired module or system by the beneficiary;
  5. Secure access system for users, operators and administrators.


AdultDate18 currently owns eight domains and social networking sites across Europe as online dating and online dating platforms.

The increasing amount of data and managed information has created the need to centralize them into a single administration application.

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