Management of online stores network - TopServices

CRM program for monitoring, management of orders, invoices and installation request of air conditioning.

Software Application:

The software program for managing the entire online store network TopServices has started from the idea of creating a software with basic functions to track orders, billing, reporting and especially managing air conditioning installation schedules. Initially, it was designed as a CRM program that aims to streamline the process of sales, bidding, and monitoring the operating segment of company. But, introducing products to be invoiced in the database, came up the idea to turn a simple CRM into a management system for all of customer's online stores.

At the moment, online shops are being developed from different business areas whose specific information is organized and centralized on a single platform that gathers all orders, schedules and reports, providing useful statistics that can always turn the human factor in a significant proportion.

General advantages:
-  At the beginning, involves an extremely low cost, especially on maintenance;
- Can run on any operating system being an independent software from this point of view;
- Requires only Internet acces to be functional, regardless of device on which it's used;
- Panel management and data visualization are intituitiv and easy to use for any user;
- Optimal compatibility with any mobile device.

Technical specifications:
- Automatic system for taking orders and monitoring the progress of air conditioning installation;
- Different payment methods for any type of client;
- Clients requests and appointments are centralized on platform and can be viewed anytime following a link automatically sent on email address;
- Users from company may receive different levels of access, depending on their role and tasks in the company;
- Software modules provide the ability to generate customer reports and useful statistics in real time;
- Automatic monthly billing for customers who have subscription;
- Automatic payments, quarterly or half-yearly, to partner companies;
- Fast and secure access from any device to history invoices or orders;
- Import data from other platforms owned by the client to create a more valuable statistic history.


TopServices is a complex set of online stores in various business areas that are managed through a multi-shop platform that includes all business's specifications. Of these online stores, we notice the one dedicated to commercialization and installation of air conditioners, which has become one of the reference distributors in this segment of the market.

The increasing number of orders and the need to hire more and more specialists, has determined the beneficiary to seek solutions in an online CRM that includes all management data. Certainly, this software was a step ahead for this business, which needed to move on the next level, and at the moment it became an indispensable resource for running the company.

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