How big companies choose their collaborators in transport services?

How big companies choose their collaborators in transport services?


Before any prior discussion of contracting transport services, major companies ask a series of questions waiting for concrete answers from the offer:

- What is the average time per order in steps: reception, transfer, inspection, loading etc. ?

- Working in shifts? Costs differ at night?

- Reasons for return of merchandise ?

- If you have access to specific data in real-time for orders ?

- What is the level of intervention in case of possible malfunctions?

- If there is a single contact person who deals exclusively with their orders?


1. Coca Cola HBC Romania - their condition is represented by presence of a system that can manage their orders and shippments;

This company primarily means huge volume of transport. It is very important for the company that their collaborators are willing to cover difficult areas in some parts of the country.

2. Telekom contracts transport company through auctions held every 2 years.

Telekom is undoubtedly a huge client in this field. The object of the Telekom logistics activity involves the transport of materials and equipment between warehouses and distribution for internal clients (entrepreneurs, technicians teams, sales support teams, etc.).

3. Europharm begins to become one of the most important customers for expedition houses, with increasingly more specific demands for them.

In drugs transport commands become more specific and standards are more restrictive. Vehicles are forced to be fitted properly and monitored by GPS. Also, an extremely important component is represented by a management system for temperature and humidity along with the guarantee that the identification documents can not be lost or damaged.

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