GDPR Consulting and Implementation

Starting with May 25, 2018 a new European Regulation (679/2016), known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), got into effect.

XFactorApp has implemented the necessary measures to align with GDPR provisions.


The regulation provides strict and rigorous requirements about how it should be preserved, used, stored and transferred personal data. The regulation is applicable in all EU member states and not only, but it is mandatory for all companies in Romania.

We all process personal data. It is enough to have at least one employee or collect data from at least one individual user to be under the incidence of the Regulation.Certainly, your company also processes personal data, such as when:

  • collects data through contact forms implemented in the website, online store, web or mobile application:
  • name and surname, phone, email address
  • keeps the history of conversations with customers via chat
  • uses systems for sending marketing campaigns - SMS, email
  • collects and processes information about user's browsing history on the website, preferences and online behavior
  • uses systems for monitoring traffic and performance of marketing campaigns (Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.)
  • the list can continue in conditions in which each company has its specific activity

Alignment to the Regulation requires adoption of various measures both in the IT and legal domain.  

To meet all your needs, we inform you that we can provide you with a Comprehensive Integrated Solution to align with this Regulation.


Request a Full Offer: IT Implementation & Legal Implementation by GDPR Advocate.​ 

If you want to start the alignment procedure to the Regulation and you need assistance from our side, please contact us to provide you full details regarding our service offer.

implementare gdpr


IT implementation according to GDPR regulations:

  • Audit - Implementation - IT Periodic Testing
  • DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Implementare si Display: Termeni si Conditii, Politica de Confidentialitate, Politica de Cookies, alte agreement-uri si permisiuni
  • Implementation and Display: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Other Agreements and Permissions
  • Reception system, storage, modification and withdrawal of user agreement
  • Encryption and Data Pseudonymization
  • Security breach alert system
  • Implementing options: opt-out, data deletion, data change, etc.
  • Backup and disaster recovery policy
  • Server Security


Legal Implementation by GDPR Advocate:

  • Audit - Initial data analysis and how they are processed to assess compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Revision / Development of Policies, Organizational information and procedures, consent forms, for both online and offline environments
  • Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, General Terms and Conditions of Use (if applicable)
  • Review and Modify Contracts with Suppliers, Clients, Employees and Collaborators according to the latest regulations
  • Training - Training staff on GDPR requirements according to their responsibilities and attributions





Data Protection Officer (DPO) - Responsible person with data protection that provides consultancy in order to observe the obligations of the data controller and ensuring the necessary transparency to the targeted persons. This service can be provided on request.

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