Twitter Bootstrap - the platform we all love

Twitter Bootstrap - the platform we all love

Most developers / managers are dedicating more and more time in identifying frameworks that ease the process of developing a web interface.

Twitter Bootstrap is one of these platforms which began to be found in majority of websites and online softwares because of the multitude of web themes, applications and plugins built with this framework.

What is Twitter Bootstrap?

It is a framework dedicated to HTML / CSS design and Javascript which is distinguished primarily by providing all resources they needed. Being an open source project, has gained huge popularity among specialists and online communities, reaching version 3.3.0 and a huge number of libraries and extensions which constantly improve the performance of framework.


- Various templates in many fields of activity, both free and charged;

- Multitude of new fonts;

- User Experience and User Interface items;

Besides these benefits, Twitter Bootstrap is also distinguished by huge compatibility with most major browsers and mobile devices, and requires only the implementation of a responsive CSS. Regarding this, one of the biggest benefits of having platform is dedicated to the set of elements to achieve a responsive design.

Why use Bootstrap?

- Projects completed in record time - saving time using design elements predefined in Bootstrap .

- Contains responsive elements - contains a set of classes useful in creating a responsive design adaptable to any display.

- Ease of use - the fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS design can be achieved in bootstrap.

- Open Source - accessibility and popularity from the fact that it is a free platform.


Interesant articolul. Stiam ca trebuie sa fie o cale mai usoara decat de a incepe mereu de la 0..
Andrei Panait 14 Sep 2016 12:38 pm

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