A modern software solution for employee management. It can be considered an umbrella under which the documentation and legal procedures of all employees are managed. This software is perfect for centralizing the activity of an organization or group of companies. More than that, we have here a solution that can be used even for remote work, especially because the program is based on different modules to provide the HR department with all the support it needs.

So, the system can be used for the management of vacation requests, respectively the general parameterization based on the existing organizational chart or implementation of form requests related to the requests for vacation, unpaid vacation, or for birth, adoption, the marriage of employees, etc. The software also includes a delegation system that allows being implemented the nomenclatures for data management and printing all the necessary documents.

Through this HR management software, not only the employees' vacation time is managed, but also a timekeeping system is included. This way, the working hours are taken from the working norm registered in the valid contract and, at the same time, they are adjusted depending on vacation requests and overtimes. This HR software manages the benefits for each employee and generates various reports, such as payroll reports, timekeeping forms, the situation of permissions/recoveries, setting hours on projects, or billable hours. In addition, the software shows the exact location of each employee depending on his order, mission, or travel and allows the loading of offers, promotions, and benefits in the module dedicated to staff.

Technical specifications:

  1. System for vacation requests and forms implementation, printing and PDF (vacation request, unpaid vacation, request for temporary absence, days of vacation with recovery, request for birth, adoption of a child or marriage, etc.);
  2. System for department change and template implementation for department change, acceptance printing;
  3. System of delegations with nomenclatures implemented for centralizing data;
  4. Timekeeping system with the nomenclature of employees and nomenclature of products/subdivisions;
  5. Taking over the working hours from the norm registered in the contract;
  6. Activity centralizer - highlighting the aspects regarding data correctness;
  7. Automatic data validation system.

General advantages:

  • Generating reports (salary report, permissions report, recoveries report);
  • Timekeeping forms;
  • Setting of hours depending on projects that have been done and setting of the billable working hours;
  • Knowing the exact location of each employee depending on the mission/travel;
  • Easily managing employee's data;
  • Easily access to information about staff, the storage, processing, monitoring, and fast analysis of all data.


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