Optimise your business efficiency at advantageous costs

 Optimise your business efficiency at advantageous costs

The more a business evolves and develops, the more the need to automate the working processes within that activity becomes acute. This automation means first and foremost a more efficient business and increased control of the resources at its disposal.

But what does automation mean and what are the tools to help?

When we talk about a predefined workflow within a company, we primarily think about web applications or custom software dedicated to that business. Through the modules that define it, the application centralizes information, monitors activity and projects; Keeps records of contracts and invoices, and last but not least draws relevant reports for an overall view of the business.

Examples of web solutions developed for different business environments:

  • Web application for parking fleet management
  • Web application for managing candidates and jobs for recruitment firms
  • Web application for managing and promoting online ads
  • Web application for scanning and monitoring competitors' prices
  • A web application to manage the activity of an expeditionary home or carriers
  • Web application for real estate agencies

These solutions are some of the many existing software on the market that have been able to integrate perfectly into the internal business of companies regardless of the domain they belong to.

The most representative modules that stand out in a web application are:

  • A system of accounts with users with different roles and access rights within the platform
  • How to manage contracts, orders, bills and payments
  • Real-time notification system for different events taking place in the system
  • How to administer human resources (salaries, holidays, employee activity, etc.)
  • Management system for potential clients (historical discussions, returns, etc.)

It is virtually impossible to prosper in the current business environment without providing employees with at least some of the modules listed above. Task execution speeds can increase by up to 40% if key processes in a company are automated: sales, monitoring, production.

In conclusion, the shortest way to an efficient and prosperous business is by developing personalized web applications tailored to the needs of the business. The more specific and clear the modules, the lower the deployment costs. Thus, a well-defined project can become accessible despite its complexity.

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