Management Software dedicated to Medical Clinics

  • The XCLINIC Management Software can be configured to meet the administrative needs of any medical clinic.
  • Through the modular structure, it ensures full data management specific to the medical unit, being able to follow the flow of patients in the clinic and to extract the medical records necessary for consultations. In this way, the quality of services offered to patients is gradually improving.
  • The appointment system provides each doctor with the daily work plan and consultation agenda of that day or those that are next, organized on hours, weeks, and months.


Cost Management

All costs generated by the clinic can be tracked and centrally managed within the software, segmented by departments

Cash Management

The software keeps records of encashments over different periods of time and allows the issuance of a tax receipt through the cash register or tax invoice

Integrated Website

The package includes: management software, specific modules and interface for user (presentation website)

Appointments System

The website can include an intelligent module through which patients can make appointments to consultations from the calendar, according to the needed specializations

Medical records module

The application centralizes and offers instant access to patient medical records for accurate and fast diagnosis

Documents Module

Through software, you can generate and print the documents needed to obtain patient consent regarding potential risks

Authentication Module

Patients have the opportunity to create accounts in the platform so they can schedule at the clinic or check the availability

Vacation Module

Centralized administration of vacations and free days for all employees entered into the system, on different types of vacations

Work agenda

The different activities specific to the medical cabinet are displayed within the application, on days/weeks, for each specialist

Unlimited number of clinics

The application supports the administration of an unlimited number of medical cabinets, doctors, clinics, specializations, departments, according to requests


The data centralized in the software is subsequently extracted in eloquent reports for the medical clinic: Sales, Encashments, Employee Efficiency, Patients, Medical Records

Specialists Authentication

Doctors, regardless of their specialization, can authenticate themselves and have restricted access to application modules


No installation required

Immediate access to the application, no installation

Accessible anywhere

The application only needs internet access to work

Data history

The information is centralized in the system in a unitary manner

Management Software dedicated to Medical Clinics

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