IMODB - Promotion and Monitoring Website for Real Estate Ads

Complete real estate platform for promoting and monitoring ads.

Design and customized content for an efficient development of the IMODB brand. The website is a flexible solution for listing, managing and presenting real estate ads. It also includes a CRM real estate software used by agencies to outsource market monitoring. Through this platform are promoted real estate ads of individuals, companies or agencies.

The website offers distinct pages for requests, reports, sent offers, and user contracts. It also gives the possibility to access easily the account or useful information.

 The platform includes different sections with tutorials through which users can learn how to send electronic confirmations to buyers, property deals to customers, or save their favourite ads. The web platform acts like a basis of real estate ads. Centralized activity monitoring and customer orientation allows detachment from competition and increased sales in a dynamic and competitive field.

The website offers the correct management of the interaction between supply and demand, analyzing data and improving service quality to meet the needs of the target audience.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Integrated virtual real estate assistant
  2. A complete base of real estate ads
  3. Quick search system based on advanced filters
  4. Responsive, personalized design
  5. Integrated Blog
  6. Highlight buttons for shortcuts
  7. Tutorial section included for users who send electronic confirmations to buyers
  8. Tutorial section for submitting bids with customer properties
  9. An integrated map on the contact page
  10. Quick account creation system
General Advantages:
  • Real estate agents can quickly submit offers, reports, and contracts to customers
  • Promotion of real estate ads
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Market monitoring depending on search criteria
  • Ensuring an automatic matching for a request and offer
  • Customized marketing campaigns
  • Real-time mapping of real estate
  • Effective management of published real estate ads
  • Secure connection and protection of confidential information


IMODB is an original, fully customized concept dedicated to real estate. The platform streamlines activity in this area and is constantly working to bring new functionalities necessary for the user's activity. The website allows publishing properties, commercial spaces and lands available for sale or rent, market analysis, view traded prices, a customized scan of the real estate market. IMODB is the most efficient web platform, a flexible real estate advertising database tailored to each agency.

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