Home Friend - Mobile App Presentation Website

A user-friendly platform developed to bring awareness to the Home Friends application, a product that facilitates interaction between experts qualified in household chores and potential beneficiaries of these services.

This is an on-page website that provides visitors with extremely useful information and highlights the main advantages of the mobile app. It has a complex and carefully organized structure. The first part presents details about the concept and benefits of the application, followed by a section dedicated to clients and another dedicated to the opportunities for service providers.

The landing page integrates a special area at the bottom that redirects users to the App Store and Google Play, for easily and quickly downloading the Home Friends application. On the contact page is available a form that interested people can fill in if they want to find out additional details about how the application works.

The footer of the website has several informative pages, meaning "Terms and conditions of use", "GDPR Policy", "Cookie policy" and "Frequently asked questions". Also, here are buttons to Social Media pages, contact data, a brief description of the Home Friends project, and links for downloading the application.

Technical specifications:

  1. Customized design;
  2. The implementation of desktop design and optimization for mobile devices;
  3. Compatibility with all browsers;
  4. Newsletter subscription form;
  5. Buttons to social networks;
  6. GDPR mode integration (customer agreement processing for using confidential data when submitting the contact form), cookies page (with the possibility of deactivating certain tracking options), terms and conditions.


  • User-friendly dashboard;
  • Permanent availability;
  • Easy identification of the services and benefits offered;
  • Increasing the number of users and constant promotion of the application;
  • Downloading mobile app directly from the website.


Home Friends is an application through which users can easily find various professionals for household chores. At the same time, this gives service providers the opportunity to present their offers to potential beneficiaries. With the help of this presentation website, the Home Friends application is highlighted and can be discovered much more easily by clients or providers.

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