Custom CMS or Wordpress?

Custom CMS or Wordpress?

The entire content of a site is managed through a platform or CMS (Content Management System), which includes multiple editing features. This role that it plays in the development process makes it an essential factor that could influence in different ways the further evolution of the site. 

At first, we can establish the basic benefits of a custom CMS:

- Flexibility and superior performance. Personalized platform can be adjusted and optimized in accordance with the smallest details of the requirements of site.

- Easy management - an Open Source platform requires from the start a series of general features, that can disturb user management process. A custom CMS is ideally designed only for what you need.

- Minimal maintenance costs - Wordpress platforms require external services which leads to additional costs compared to a custom CMS that is designed only from necessary functionalities.

Industry of websites development, despite the fact that the field has advanced in an impressive way and this method of presentation of services and products it improves from year to year, there is still the question mark hanging over the platform administration used.

Wordpress site currently holds the advantage of reputation and popularity, but the features that make it the most widely used platform administration are those related to intuitive functionality gaved to it`s user:

- It has the widest range of modules, plugins and themes dedicated and distributed free of charge.

- Updating platform is done automatically because there is no risk to own a version that can not support all the features that you have.

- It has all the advantages and services specific to a free open source CMS.

On the other hand, all these benefits can be weighed against a number of disadvantages:

- Being an open source platform, any confidential information such as the source code are available to everyone who wants to affect the structure of the site.
- Inappropriate use of plugins provided leads to increase loading speed and memory to an enormous consumption, especially when it is not used for the purposes it was originally created.
- The idea to build the entire site of plugins can be an inefficient due to unprofessional sources from which these modules are taken. Also, this can have as a consequence, security risks for all information stored because of the code came from numerous plugins.

The main benefits of a custom platform are:

- It has a higher loading speed and storage capacity much faster due to the lack of plugins that hinder these parameters.

- Safety settings in the platform are more efficient, that makes sites informations inaccessible to attackers.

- Even if Wordpress site offers a variety of modules that can help to quickly solve certain tasks, custom platforms has some tools in the framework through which you can create a more efficient functionalities, those that will target directly the problem encountered.

- Custom sites have unlimited capacity for improvement and progression within its functionalities and the development of new modules.

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