CRM Software for Employees, Clients and Project Management

CRM Platform for Business Administration 

  • Our platform offers a centralized system for managing employee's activity and customers through specific CRM modules.
  • Agile module developed for tracking projects and tasks is ideal for companies which deliver services where the segmentation and tracking of the project development is essential.
  • Daily Timing Schedule feature allows managers to continually assess employees' activity within the company and automatically calculate their salaries and bonuses.
  • Leads module can be tracked and managed through a sales department module. This system allows managing potential customers and extracting relevant reports over specific periods of time related to: source, value, type of product or service.


Time Schedule

Manages employees' daily activity, no. of working hours, holidays and calculates monthly wages.

Agile Module

Manages ongoing projects and tasks and sends status notifications via email or browser.

Leads Module

Provides relevant information on contacting potential clients, conversation history or sales success rate.

Reporting Module

Centralizes information related to: projects, employees and customers in relevant reports.

Interactive Dashboard

Managers and employees can track monthly evolution of target hours and ongoing projects.

Client Module

Manages potential and existing clients, projects, billing and collections.

Financial Reports

Provides information related to revenue, profitability, unrecorded balance, unpaid balance.

Billing System

Both standard and proforma invoices can be issued and administered.

Activity Counter

Measures the time for each employee's activity, including meal breaks.


Low cost

Low development costs for a tailored solution which will fit perfectly your workflow and business needs.

Custom Platform

Our platform can be easily customized to suit any business and can be further developed with any desired functionality.

Support and warranty

Benefit from our support throughout the implementation period and after the project is completed.


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