6 mobile applications which are extremely useful in managing your business

Find out how these apps can help you in your business

We all know that phones are becoming more and more performing every day, but applications are what really transform them into tools indispensable to our lives, both professionally and personally. Try to imagine for a few seconds what would mean communication with your family or work colleagues if you did not have "Whatsapp" and "Facebook" or how difficult it would be to access different documents without "Google Drive".

We have to admit that in the meantime, thousands of Android or IOS apps have been released that we probably have not heard yet and which can be an important addition to managing key business issues.

Here is a list of smartphone apps that can make your business around your business considerably more efficient:

1. Google Drive

Google Drive primarily means accessibility and centralization of information. With this application you have all the files and documents you need in one place and you can access them wherever you are without effort. You can also distribute different documents to colleagues or create projects to work with, all with a telephone and internet access.

2. WhatsApp

Efficient and fast communication is the key to success in any business. That's exactly what messenger from Whatsapp makes it possible to send messages, files or photos with minimal effort. The new feature for creating groups is an added benefit for the business environment.

3. Monefy

The ideal application for financial management. How we manage our spending can make a difference between a successful business and a bankrupt. Monefy helps you manage and optimize your spending, shows you how to make savings and invest efficiently in different company resources.

4. Sunrise Calendar

Until now, we've been discussing information centralization, efficient communication and spending management, but the application without which an entrepreneur could not manage successfully in this environment is the Sunrise Calendar, ideal for managing day, week or month activity. Meetings, tasks, important events, all can be managed directly from the application.

5. Analytics

Analytics provides essential data on the evolution of your business online. It shows you information about website traffic, conversions, leads, ongoing campaign performance, allocated budget, and last but not least earnings generated by your brand promotion.

6. Wordpress

If you own a website developed on the Wordpress platform, the application helps you manage your content or post relevant blog articles directly from your phone. So, your audience has constant updates and updated information at every moment.

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