Online Software for Car Rental companies

Orders and fleet management has never been easier.

  • Everything we usually want from a car rental application is to create a great experience from the first reservation we've made.
  • A standard car rental software cannot rise to the level of a CRM system, customized on fleet and orders management.
  • All profitable car rental business have a CRM in order to ensure and manage the bookings, parking spaces and customers in a simple and efficient manner.
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Activity management

Managing the vehicles with related specifications like consumption, no. of seats, gearbox and more.

Booking System

Integrated system in order to facilitate rapid search, bookings and cars orders.

Reservations Management

Bookings management system with real time billing and reporting program.


Perfect compatibility with your website where your present your services and receive reservations.

Responsive design

Web Design adaptable to different devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones.

State machinery evidence

The platform centralizes all information concerning the status of the vehicles and fuel.


CRM Solution

The main purpose of the application is to manage all data related to customers, bookings and car fleet.

Manage all activities

RENTACAR manage all your orders, parking, reservations and related documents.

Save time

By automating customer order processing your employees can focus on other segments of the business.

Online Software for Car Rental companies

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