App for managing appointments dedicated to Beauty Salons

  • The software dedicated to managing beauty salons gives you the ability to replace old calendar notes with a smart appointments management system. clients, reports, etc.
  • The XBEAUTY application is a management program for beauty salons, easy to use by operators, receptionists, administrators and is the ideal solution for organizing and viewing the work schedule, depending on the cabinets and related services. It is the fastest and most effective way to optimize your beauty salon.
  • Organizing in detail the customer programming allows you to make them loyal and helps you get the most important information: employees preferred by clients, the most profitable days of the week, how many appointments are made in a month, etc.


Unlimited number of salons

The application offers the possibility to manage an unlimited number of offices, cabinets, salons, specializations, departments

Calendar integration

Widget for website integration of the booking calendar so it can be accessed by customers and allowing them to make their own appointments

Voucher system

Introduction voucher system for customer loyalty

Authentication Module

Account system through which customers can log in to make new orders or manage their data or requests


A complete package that includes both the application and the dashboard, as well as the user's interface (intuitive website)

Tips Support

The possibility to manage and automatically calculate tips and commissions split at employee level and reflected in reports

Vacation Module

Complex administration of vacations and free days for all employees entered into the system on different criteria

Managing Costs

System for managing the costs for the employees: basic salary and commission to calculate all monthly debts

Work Plan

An Interactive Calendar which presents, in a unitary manner or at the level of each specialist, the work plan for the current day and for future

SMS Module

Sending alerts and SMS notifications to clients scheduled to send them certain information: reminder, offers, discounts

Custom Notifications

Notifications by email or SMS with holidays messages, discounts, birthday congratulations, gift vouchers for customer loyalty

Managing encashments

Cash register system, issuing tax receipt through the cash register or tax invoice and extracting data in relevant reports

Reports Module

The system centralizes data and organizes them in relevant reports such as sales, earnings, employee efficiency, top clients, employee birthday

Generate Documents

Support for customer agreement on certain procedures: GDPR, Information on potential risks associated with the procedures

Role and permissions system

Employees can log in and have access to the application modules in a restricted way depending on their responsibilities



The application can be accessed from any location and device

Immediately installation

Immediate access to the application, no installation required

Centralized information

Change history and employee information access


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