Presentation website for event listing application - Social Club

An ingenious web platform specially designed for presenting an event listing app. 

It was developed by design template implementation, is available in both Romanian and English, and provides detailed information about a management solution for participants in business or private events. The website integrates interactive effects for design elements, thus enhancing user interaction. The landing page for presenting the app includes call-to-action buttons and carefully describes the steps required to become a Social Club Partner.

The information system has an intuitive content management panel and on page design that makes successful switching from key points of the website to the secondary ones. The images, colors, and effects used have the role of attracting action from users. There are a lot of elements which creates trust among customers like a logical structure, organized information, easy navigation, a modern and professional layout.

Potential customers can request additional information by sending messages using a contact form. In order to support the users, a map of the locations where there are events is inserted in the web platform architecture.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Landing page for presentation the Social Club app
  2. Implementing template design
  3. Multilingualism
  4. Develop the logo
  5. Interactive effects for design elements
  6. Practical Dashboard for Content Management
  7. Contact form
  8. Compatible with mobile devices
  9. Show map locations where there are events
  10. Design on page

General Advantages:

  • Balanced page structure and relevant content
  • Dynamic, user-friendly interface
  • Integration with social networks
  • Easy user browsing and simple way to access information
  • Event check-in
  • Technical and creative approach to website structure development
  • Permanent strategy for promoting the app
  • Website appropriate to the targeted trends
  • Communicate essential information about the Social Club app
  • The possibility of developing new business relationships


Social Club is a young and ambitious company specializing in managing events. The company promotes an application dedicated to maximizing benefits for people taking part in various public or private events. Considered as a true networking catalyst and relationship builder, the application is dedicated to both organizers and sponsors as well as participants.


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